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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

RU-556 (Modded AR-15) [Updated 1]

Well as you can see this is the lasted animations released by ImBrokeRu, as usual i don't add variation textures so theres just include 1.

Pd: You can change the texture By Downloading this mod by clicking this link: DL
pd of pd: Original Shaders from 4Echo Release still there, (oil its dangerous :v)


ImBrokeRu - AR15 Model & Animations
HappyCamper - Sleeve Texture
W1LLDAB3AST - Sleeve Model
BullSh1t - Ru Textures
Xplor3r - Rerig
MasterEmile - Compile
Navaro - Sound
NightmareMutant - Sound
4Echo - Shaders
Rafael de Jongh - Shaders
Yogensia - Shaders
Rimuto : Help


  1. Great job man !! update 2 for AUG slot please

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